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My superpower is transforming family lives with sleep.

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Do you wish nap time wasn’t a daily battle and that bedtime was smooth? Rather than worrying about ‘when’ and ‘how long’ will you need to settle and be awake for each night. Together we’ll put a plan into action to transform sleep for your family.

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If you’re ready to get your life back and in a routine to be able to venture out and live a little - I’ve got you! I’ll be there by your side and you’ll feel confident and empowered to navigate your baby’s sleep well beyond my support.

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Online educational workshops for expecting and seasoned parents to feel confident about how to help your family sleep well. Join an upcoming workshop.

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Hi! I'm Jazz

Being a Mum has taught me that we all need sleep to feel like the best version of ourselves.

I’m a Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant.

I have completed a Bachelor of Nursing, Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery and Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (Child, Family & Community) and I’m a Mum - I totally get your need for down time and a schedule!

My goal is to empower you with education that allows you to enjoy your family life without sleep deprivation, anxiety about sleep and overwhelm.

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Have a look at The Let's Sleep Podcast.

There is a library of episodes to empower you on baby and toddler sleep, nutrition, mental health, breast and bottle feeding and more. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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