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About me

Hi, I'm Jazz - the Founder of Let's Sleep!

I have helped many families with baby/child sleep and parenting. Let's Sleep supports families in Australia and internationally (including America and New Zealand so far!). I work 1:1 with clients via phone and email/whatsapp primarily.


I am a Registered Midwife, Nurse, Maternal and Child Health Nurse, Infant and Child Sleep Coach and Mum. I have more than 10 years experience working with children and families in a range of roles.

1:1 sleep support


With her ongoing whatsapp support our girl is now in a wonderful routine. She’s in her cot, settling and re settling at nighttime and only waking once sometimes sleeping through the night, which is something we never thought was possible. We can’t thank Jazz enough for her patience and encouragement, she has given us the knowledge we needed and created positive sleep associations.
Thank you Jazz

Jade (Mum to Aurelia, 8 months)

Client Reviews

Finn has gone from being awake every 3 hours over night to only waking once and sometimes even sleeping completely through from 7pm-7am if you told me three weeks ago this would be happening I wouldn’t of believed you. Jazz was incredibly encouraging - never making me feel silly for any small questions I had at any time I had them. If your baby is struggling with sleep or you’re finding it tricky getting your baby to settle - I cannot recommend Jazz and her service enough.

Jessica (Mum to Finn, 8 months)

Within days and the change of routine , Isla can now self settle being put down in her cot awake and calm. She now sleeps through her day naps especially her long lunch nap which she does 2 hours we are now having to go in and wake Isla up!!! Along with being an overall happy baby, being able to identify when she is tired and keep us as a family all happy and all having the sleep we need!!

I could not recommend Jazz more, she has helped us more then she knows and has been such an ongoing support for us!!”

Chelsea (Mum to Isla, 4 months)

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