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I help parents, babies and children sleep better, longer and more easily.

On a good night’s rest, life is that little bit more peachy
But when your baby doesn’t sleep, the simplest things become the hardest.
You’re at your wits end, exhausted and wondering if sleep is only for other people. Finding the
time to do things you love feels impossible.  
When you can’t face another broken night, coffee doesn’t work and you just don’t know how to
help your bub, I’m here to help.

I'm Jazz - Melbourne Baby Sleep Consultant

I support families in Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, across Australia and internationally to get better sleep – and consistently more of it. 

In your home or online, I give you the tools and confidence to help your little one sleep longer
and settle on their own – in their cot and when you’re on the go. 

I help you understand the why behind your baby’s behaviour so you can adapt their sleep
schedule and nutrition to suit their age. 

My approach is holistic, balancing your baby’s developmental and nutritional needs. It’s
science, backed by over a decade of experience, straight from the heart of a mama

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Midwife. Maternal and Child Health Nurse. Infant & Child Sleep Consultant.

A mouthful, I know!

I’m also a trail runner, mum and renovation junkie. Gin with a slice of orange? Oooh, yes please.
I’m all about empowering you to manage your little one’s sleep, using responsive methods tailored to your family. Because when bedtime is smooth, you can rediscover the freedom to do the things you enjoy. 

I want you to have the confidence to manage your mini’s sleep and break routine so you can socialise and fit in the things you love.

What parents say about working with me

I was at breaking point when I reached out to Jazz. My little man was a serial cat napper. He was contact napping during the day and co-sleeping at night. I was either rocking or feeding him to sleep and nobody else could settle him. The struggle was real!


Fast forward to the end of the two week support with Jazz, Christian is now sleeping through the night with only 1 feed and going straight back to sleep. He is also sleeping 2 hours at his lunch nap. Even his feeds have improved, he is having full feeds instead of cluster feeding.


He is an all round happier and calmer baby and I feel like a new woman. My partner and I are able to enjoy our little guy so much more and we also have time together as a couple at night again. It really has made parenting much more enjoyable.


I cannot thank Jazz enough. I highly recommend Jazz"

Jacinta & Chris (Templestowe, VIC)

Jazz is a god send! Our 17 month old daughter was waking multiple times a night and often awake for hours at night. She needed milk to resettle or ended up sleeping in our bed.


We booked the overnight package with Jazz and it was the best decision we ever made. Jazz came into our home and immediately felt like family. By night 3, our daughter was sleeping through and we felt so confident on how to tackle the night wakes.


We are almost 3 weeks down the track now and our daughter sleeps through the night consistently and if she does wake, settles herself in minutes. Would recommend jazz to anyone struggling with their baby’s sleep! Don’t delay it. Thank you jazz!

Hannah & Jackson (Caulfield North, VIC)

Jazz was absolutely amazing in all aspects of getting our little one’s sleep sorted! I can’t believe how much progress we made in such a short amount of time. She was so quick to respond to
any question and I honestly felt like I was just messaging a friend!


 My confidence grew more each night and with Jazz’s support, we were able to stop feeding over night as well. I was astonished that our little boy was sleeping through by just night three with zero feeds!


As an Early Childhood Educator, I am already recommending her to parents in need!

Michaela & Travis (Tibooburra, NSW)

We contacted Jazz when our twin boys were constantly refusing bedtime and waking multiple times overnight. We were so lost and didn’t know how to get them back on track.


Jazz took her time to talk through our goals for both boys and address their individual issues. After having her stay with us for two nights and showing us how to respond to their needs I felt confident on my own.


The two week follow up support was amazing as she would check in with us, answer my 50 million questions and reassure us even when things didn’t seem to be going right.


The progress they made in such a short space of time was unbelievable, and we are still able to keep their day flexible when needed.  If you need a sleep consultant, I’d highly recommended Jazz!

Emily & Brad (Narre Warren, VIC)

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