The Let's Sleep Podcast is for parents who want to be totally empowered navigating their little one's sleep from birth to 5 years of age. Honest and educational conversationso give you the tools you need to make bedtime easy in this top rating baby sleep podcast. 

Who's the host? Jazz Kostov is an Australian Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and Owner of Let's Sleep where she supports families online and in-home with sleep and settling from birth to 5 years. Jazz has a 10 year background in Nursing, Midwifery and MCHN.

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EP. 12 - Let’s Talk About Night Waking

Welcome to the final episode of Let’s Parent season one. In this episode I’ll share troubleshooting tips for parents that are having issues with night waking for their little one.

I dive into:

  • Common reasons your little one will be waking
  • The normal amount of night waking for a baby
  • The stages of night sleep
  • Tips to support your baby to sleep well overnight

Thank you for all of your support in my first season of Let’s Parent. If there are any guests you have in mind or topics you’d like me to speak about in season two, please send me a message over on Instagram.


EP. 11 - Creating Sustainable Habits with Melanie

In this episode, I’m joined by Melanie from Cheeky Wipes Australia to talk about eco-friendly options when it comes to your newborn.

We dive into:

  • What makes Cheeky Wipes special
  • Making small changes to be more sustainable
  • The huge savings you encounter when going reusable
  • The environmental impact of disposable wipes
  • Getting past the ‘ew’ factor of reusable wipes
  • Where to get information on how to clean your wipes


EP. 10 - Prioritising Self Care For Parents


In this episode, I’ll share why it’s important to fit in our self care and discoveries of self care through my parenting journey.

I dive into:

  • Taking intentional time to yourself

  • Being the only person who can prioritise self care for myself

  • Experiencing feelings of guilt

  • Handing over the reins to someone else Practical tips for regular self care

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EP. 9 - Pivoting Careers As A Parent with Carina O’Brien

In this episode, I’m joined by Carina O’Brien, founder of Working Mumma, supporting women that want to manage the juggle of career and motherhood.

We dive into:

  • Reevaluating what’s important after becoming a parent
  • Communication of what you want and need with the people around you
  • Removing “should” out of your vocabulary
  • Looking at the advantages of sending your child to childcare
  • Challenges expressed from the Working Mummas community
  • Finding your “why” and understanding what you need for your family

EP. 8 - Unpacking the Stigma Around Sleep Consultancy with Amy Wallace

In this episode, I’m joined by Amy Wallace, a fellow sleep consultant based in New Zealand, supporting and empowering families with sleep and settling from birth to 5 years of age.

We dive into:

  • Holistic approach to sleep and settling support
  • Helping our clients to tackle the hurdles after our package is finished
  • Finding what routine works right for you
  • Showing parents our business is all about them
  • Approaching the topics of Gentle vs Cry it out
  • Not thinking of sleep consultancy as a last resort

EP. 7 - Let’s Talk Catnapping

In this episode, I’ll share information on your baby’s sleep cycle and how to support your baby’s sleep with catnapping.

I dive into:

  • What your baby’s sleep cycle looks like

  • Why newborns don’t wake as easily between sleep cycles

  • Why catnapping can become common around 3-5  months of age

  • When catnapping becomes an issue 

  • Tips to support your little one to get back to sleep

As mentioned in the episode, you can grab one of my Let’s Sleep Routine eBooks on my website



EP. 6 - Overcoming Mum Guilt & Trusting Your Gut with Twin Mum, Lauren Sinclair

In this episode, I’m joined by Lauren Sinclair, a highschool teacher and Mumma to twin girls, Poppy and Layla who shares their day to day family fun, adventures and real life challenges on their Instagram account @thetwinclairs. 

We dive into:

  • Processing the news of pregnancy with twins
  •  The stresses of a high risk pregnancy
  • Trusting your intuition and gut
  • How the twins promptly came into the world at 29 weeks
  • What Lauren loves about having twins 
  • Overcoming mum guilt  

EP. 5 - How To Beat Early Morning Waking

In this episode, I’ll share information on early morning waking and tips for how to support your baby through early morning waking.

I dive into:

  • The challenges of early morning waking
  • What is early morning waking and is it a habit?
  • How to push out your baby’s wake time
  • Causes of early morning waking
  • Early morning checklist
  • How to ensure early morning waking doesn’t become a habit

As mentioned in the episode, you can grab one of my Let’s Sleep Routine eBooks on my website


EP. 4 - Let’s Talk Kegels, Poo and Sex with Charlotte Burton

I’m joined by Charlotte Burton, a physiotherapist with over 10 years experience and is passionate about pelvic floor, sexual health and empowering women & men to achieve their goals and feel more confident.


We dive into:

  • What pelvic floor rehabilitation is

  • The journey to returning to exercise

  • Why preventative health is so important

  • What causes Pelvic Organ Prolapse

  • Sexual intimacy after pregnancy

  • Tips for pelvic floor health


EP. 3- Why Sleep Is So Important

In this episode, I'll share why sleep is so important for you and your baby.


I dive into:

  • How sleep affects your body.

  • Why you may feel jet lagged after a rough night of sleep.

  • How a sleep consultant can help you.

  • How poor sleep can affect your hormones.

  • Tips to help with sleep in your household.


EP. 2 - Getting Back To Food Basics with Thea Doyle

In this episode, I’m joined by Thea Doyle, Mum, Nutritionist and the Founder of Eat by Design.

We dive into:

  • Tips for approaching meal times

  • Keeping calm and not showing frustration during meal times

  • Planning and organising your meal prep

  • Creating food you can use twice

  • Staple meal ideas with small changes


EP. 1 - Welcome To Let's Parent

Welcome to the first episode of Let’s Parent with Jazz Kostov from Let’s Sleep. 

In this episode, I’ll share who I am and how Let’s Parent came along.

I dive into:

  • How my business helps parents with sleep and settling
  • My “why” 
  • Becoming a parent during Melbourne’s lockdown
  • Forever learning to improve our parenting journey 
  • What to expect from Let’s Parent, The Podcast


I acknowledge and give thanks to the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people, the Traditional Owners of the land I work on. I pay respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today. This land always was, and
always will be Aboriginal land.