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It’s time for calm bedtimes with your baby, predictability in your day and a full night of sleep.

What I've learnt through supporting 1000’s of families with sleep is that when you have a clear plan to follow (including a plan for when things don’t go to plan!) and the support to see it through - that’s when the sleep magic really happens.

Cairns baby sleep consultant
Cairns in home sleep consultant

Let's Sleep Starter

Who is this for?

  • Babies and toddlers aged 4 months to 5 years

  • First time or seasoned parents

  • Little ones struggling with catnapping, frequent night wakes, early wakes, unable to self-settle/resettle or a lack of routine in the day.

  • Parents who want a clear plan to get sleep on track and feel confident and empowered.

What's included?

  • 45-minute Zoom consultation

  • Tailored sleep plan for your little one

  • Easy to follow sleep resources (inc age-appropriate routines, go-to sleep guide, troubleshooting guide, settling methods, common sleep issues, illness, travel, teething, sleep environment and lots more)



4 weekly payments $110/p week AUD
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The Let’s Sleep Package: Online


Whether your little one is experiencing settling issues, catnapping, a sleep regression, early waking or you’re keen for them to sleep through the night - this is for you. I’ll be there in your pocket, cheering you on and guiding you to feel calm, confident and empowered about your little one’s sleep. Perfect for ages 16 weeks to 5 years.




4 weekly payments $280/p week AUD
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The Let’s Sleep Package: In-Home



Support in your own home to transform settling for your little one. Have an experienced Sleep Consultant right beside you, guiding you through bedtime settling and overnight wake ups. Jazz will be in your corner every step of the way, showing you first hand how to solve your child’s sleep issues. For ages 16 weeks - 2 years, interstate visits available by request.

There are 3 in-home options to choose from below.

+3 hour visit


(Naptime or bedtime)

Upfront Payment or

4 week payment plan of $350p/week

Yes please

+ 1 night stay



Upfront Payment or

4 week payment plan of $580p/week

Yes please

+ 2 night stay



Upfront Payment or

4 week payment plan of $855p/week

Yes please

Together we will find a solution for your family and make a clear plan so you can go from overwhelmed to confident about your baby’s sleep. Let’s do this!

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