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The 5 most common reasons families book in for sleep support

Jul 15, 2022

Over the past 2.5 years of supporting families in as an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant here at Let's Sleep - I've supported hundreds of families to achieve their sleep and settling goals.

I've noticed some common themes coming through for the most common reasons that families book in for sleep support. I'm not talking about 'catnapping' or 'overnight waking' here. They are the 'sleep issues'. They are not the 'reason' that families book in for sleep support.

The reason families book in for sleep support is because that 'sleep issue' is impacting their family's life in a significant way. Two different families could be experiencing similar sleep and settling issues with their little ones however only one of those families is actually compelled to make a change. Why?

The family that is ready for change has reached a cross roads.
They've realised that those sleep issues are no longer sustainable for their family and something needs to change.
Those sleep issues are impacting their life to a point where just 'sucking it up' or 'just going with the flow' is no longer cutting it.

Here are the  most common reasons I've observed that lead families to book in for sleep support:

  1. Parents aren't getting any quality time together to connect.

  2. The primary carer (often Mum) is returning to paid work soon

  3. Neither parent is getting time for themselves

  4. Baby seems to always be 'grumpy' and overtired

  5. Parent/s mental and physical health is significantly impacted

When families book in a 15 minute discovery call with me to enquire about sleep support - they answer a series of booking in questions. One of these is: Tell me a little about what is happening with your little one's sleep. The most common responses to this question are catnapping, frequent night waking, co sleeping and early starts. However it's once we actually jump on the phone together and talk about what's happening that parents open up and share the impact of these sleep issues for their family.


It's significant. When our little one's sleep is not going well - it is so hard in so many ways. You might feel like you can tread water for some time, getting by and making do with things the way they are. But when you reach that cross roads where your legs are getting tired and you cannot tread water anymore - seek help. Change happens so much faster than parents realise. Within a week or two of starting - things will look completely different for your family.

Change is SO possible - all you have to do is take that first step forward.


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Jazz is an experienced Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and Founder of Let's Sleep. Based on the Mornington Peninsula, VIC. She is also a Registered Midwife, Nurse, MCHN and Mum. Jazz has an online program, 1:1 in-home and online sleep packages available.

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