Let's Chat in DM's

Just like having a sleep consultant bestie on demand in your DMs 🥱

This is the perfect option for having those sleep questions answered or troubleshooting a sleep issue you’re facing (especially if you’d prefer not to jump on a call).

Book a DM session with me and we will chat directly via Instagram or Facebook at your selected time.

A full 30 minutes to ask me all your burning questions or sort through a sleep challenge that’s bugging you big time.

Suitable for all ages from birth to 5 years.

If the sleep issue you’re experiencing is more minor and you’re needing a quick chat and reassurance (plus a heap of helpful tailored recommendations) - this is for YOU!

Keep in mind if you’re looking to make bigger changes, are experiencing more complex challenges and are after 2 weeks of support then check out The Let’s Sleep Package (in home or online).

Book in your chat