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baby sleep training Melbourne Testimonial - Liana

5 months old

Mum - Elisabeth
Let's Flourish

"Our daughter was a good sleeper as a newborn, but the four month sleep regression hit us hard. Before we started Let’s Flourish, bub was struggling to settle to bed, getting so grumpy during the day because she was so tired, and totally reliant on her dummy. We spent hours each day and night putting the dummy back in her mouth so she could sleep!

But within just a week of joining let’s flourish, all that had changed. We ditched the dummy totally, which was so freeing. We supported bub to settle to sleep independently. We have figured out ways to get sleep happening on the go. And we got hours back to spend together as a couple each evening, which is so good for us!

With her new routine and sleep skills, life has been so much happier. We are all better rested, bub sailed through Christmas and our first family getaway with ease, and she’s even started sleeping through the night!

Jazz has helped our family so much and we are so grateful. Having sleep sorted out is a cornerstone upon which we have been able to start building a flourishing family life."

baby sleep training Melbourne Testimonial - Liana

5 months old

Mum - Priscilla
Let's Flourish

"After having our first child, we were lost, sleep deprived, emotionally and physically drained with a unhappy baby. My 4 month old had been feeding to sleep throughout the night, catnapping through the day, unable to self settle and needing to be resettled if he woke up during day naps and at night. We had contacted a different sleep consultant at 2.5 months who gave us limited support and guides, she made many excuses as to why our little one didn’t sleep. Fast forward to 4 months and we were still in the same position, I responded to one of Jazz’s instagram stories showing interest in her services but was hesitant after my last experience. I ended up booking in a 15 minute discovery call and she assured me it wouldn’t be the same. She was right! We then signed up to “Let’s Flourish”.

There was plenty of guides for every age and stage for troubleshooting and routines, in addition to videos explaining different settling methods. These were invaluable in educating me on what to expect from my little one in regards to his routine. I am still using these after finishing up with the program and will continue to refer back to them if I have any trouble. They are fantastic resources Jazz has written/created herself.
After implementing a settling method and routine I was amazed how quickly our little one was adapting to the new routine. In fact within 4 days, he was sleeping unassisted for daytime naps and bedtime. I went from feeding him back to sleep every hour he woke up during he night to only feeding him twice a night 4 hours apart. He self settled if he woke up at other times in the night. Furthermore, Jazz helped us to achieve naps on the go and tweak things when off schedule. For the first time since having my little one, we were able to go out and enjoy social events with a HAPPY baby. The whole process has been life changing! As a sleep consultant, Jazz is approachable, encouraging, empathetic and extremely knowledgeable. I found the whole process educational and invaluable. I highly recommend Jazz and only wish I had approached her much earlier."

baby sleep training Melbourne Testimonial - Liana

16 months old

Mum - Melanie
Let's Flourish

"We booked in with Jazz - Let’s Flourish with our 16 month old son Jimmy.

Before starting the program Jimmy was waking most nights for a bottle, some nights he was awake for 2-3 hours before resettling. He was also waking early, usually between 5-6:30.

We were exhausted.

Within the first week of the program, Jimmy’s day routine was so much better than it had been. He was sleeping consistently and for the same duration everyday. He was so much more settled and happy all round.

We implemented Jazz’s settling techniques from the beginning and Jimmy didn’t have another bottle overnight from the start of the program.

He is now sleeping through every night and waking usually around 7am.

Jazz was so supportive and genuinely happy for our progress. The group was also so supportive and celebrated each other’s wins.

We can’t recommend this program highly enough. Thank you Jazz"

baby sleep training Melbourne testimonial

6 months old

Mum - Nicole
The Let's Sleep Package

"I can’t recommend Jazz enough. As a midwife I felt the pressure of that I should know what to do about sleep and how to help our daughter Zali sleep well. We had resorted to rocking her to sleep as well as co sleeping for everyone to get some sleep. I reached out to Jazz because I had reached my breaking point as this was not working for us anymore. Everyone needed their own space to sleep and rest and with the looming return to shift work in the new year, we needed help! Some people are good at self directed learning but I knew I needed someone in my corner to help guide us in the right direction and help us troubleshoot when issues popped up.

From the first day of our 1:1 two week journey Jazz was able to put our worries at ease and help us put all the pieces of the puzzle in place for Zali to start getting some better sleep. The first 2 days weren’t easy as Zali adjusted to her new schedule and learning to self soothe but Jazz was with us the whole time giving us reassurance so we wouldn’t give up.

3 weeks since starting our sleep journey with Jazz, the journey that we have travelled has been amazing. Zali is now learning to self soothe and is sleeping well through the night. We sometimes have a wake up overnight for milk but that’s ok because she is still a little person. Jazz has given us the knowledge and confidence as well as the tools to help navigate Zali’s sleep journey and give us all better sleep. She has also saved my mental health and I couldn’t be more grateful."

baby sleep training Melbourne testimonial

5 months old

Mum - Ashleigh
The Let's Sleep Package

"Before Jazz’s help we were rocking our 6 month old to sleep, she didn’t have a consistent day routine and she was waking frequently over night. Once she finally went down for bedtime at night, we’d no sooner sit down and she’d be awake again, and continue this throughout the night. Throw into the mix a 20 month old who also needs help with her sleep and the days and the nights we’re getting harder and harder.

I reached out to Jazz to tackle our 6 month olds sleep. We joined the let’s sleep program and after a week of following a solid routine and settling techniques, we ditched the dummy, set our LO up in her cot and she’s now only waking one or twice a night for a feed and going straight back to sleep until morning.

Jazz has helped us feel confident about how to help Tully sleep and also be flexible to have days out and about as a family. Thanks Jazz!"

baby sleep training Melbourne Testimonial

11 months old

Mum - Amelia
The Let's Sleep Package

"We have just finished two weeks 1:1 with Jazz and it has changed our lives! I know it sounds cliché, but it really has been amazing! We were at breaking point when we reached out to Jazz. Our almost 1 year old was needing us at some point of the night for 2-3 hours and taking half an hour (at least!) to settle for any sleep. After working with Jazz, our girl self settles and sleeps through the night! Its amazing knowing how easy nap time and bedtime will be leaving us to enjoy our nights together rather than the 'when' and 'how long' will we need to settle and be awake each night."

baby sleep training Testimonial

16 months old

Mum - Ella
The Let's Sleep Package

"A review just isn't showing enough gratification that I have for Jazz and her Let's Sleep program. We went from assisted bedtimes 4-5 wake ups a night and early rising with our daughter, Mahalia. After some what seemed minor tweaks have made such a difference- 12 hour full night sleeps, self settling and not waking earlier than 6:30am. Giving life and time back to my Partner and I, we are beyond thankful."

baby sleep training Melbourne Testimonial - Penelope

7 months old

Mum - Jen
2-Night In-Home Package

"Jazz is a true professional. She came to our home for the two night sleep support package and we couldn’t be more glad we had her here to help. She has so much knowledge which she shared in detail but also so much warmth and understanding. She is calm and confident which went such a long way with me being worried about the process. She gave us incredible tools to be able to sleep train my daughter in a way that felt comfortable for us all. She took time to hear my preferences and never made me feel bad for any of the choices I’d made thus far. When Jazz arrived I was really at a loss with what to do for my daughter who was waking every hour, and when Jazz left just two short nights afterwards my daughter was already sleeping all night with just one wake up to feed and having great naps during the day, plus I felt empowered and confident to continue on on my own. Jazz then gave us two weeks of continuous support which was incredibly valuable. I am so glad I met Jazz and couldn’t be happier with my decision to sleep train our daughter with her."

baby sleep training Melbourne Testimonial - Parker & Isla

Parker & Isla
5 months old, twins

Mum - Hayley
2-Night In-Home Package

"Jazz was amazing ! We contacted Jazz when our 5 month old twins would only cat nap throughout the day and would wake frequently overnight needing their dummies. We booked in the two night stay package with 2 weeks of ongoing support and it was a game changer. We were utterly exhausted and within 2 weeks of sleep support with Jazz we have new babies ! Our twins are now in a consistent routine which includes one long 2 hour nap during the day and they both go down to sleep at night within 5 minutes of being put down with no dummies. It’s also made babysitting easier for the grandparents who noticed a huge difference with girls ! They found it really easy to follow their routine when looking after the girls.

We highly recommend Jazz! It was well worth the money with the girls are getting better sleep and just overall happier babies !"

baby sleep training Melbourne Testimonial - Liana

4.5 months old

Mum - Jasmine
3-hour In-home package

"We have seen a huge transformation since having the help of Jazz for an in-home consult and 2 weeks of support. We reached out to Jazz for help with our 4.5 month old daughter’s day naps (cat-napper 20-30 mins max). Through Jazz’s support, reassurance and guidance, our daughter is now having great day sleeps, can self-settle and no longer feeds or needs us to put her to sleep! We also managed to ditch the dummy from day 1 and have never looked back. We are so grateful to see these changes, and have also seen improvements in her finishing bottles (no longer snack feeding), falling asleep in the pram/car, overnight stretches of sleep and an overall happier energised girl. It feels so good to have a routine and schedule to follow, making each day being a mum and dad more enjoyable and less stressful. Thank you so much to the baby whisperer Jazz!"

baby sleep training Melbourne Testimonial - Liana

9 months old

Mum - Emma
3-hour In-home package

"If you are considering hiring jazz .... DO IT ! SHE SAVED MY LIFE AND MY SANITY !!! Our bubba was up multiple times a night EVERY SINGLY NIGHT ! sometimes it would take us 1-2 hours to get her back down . She could not self settle and relied on us putting her to sleep in our arms and transferring. , she was also a chronic early riser ( about 5-5:30 am) and required multiple overnight feeds.  I was exhausted and desperate. I had tried sleep school and another sleep consultant which seemed to hardly help at all... THEN I FOUND JAZZ! I booked a home consult with jazz because i was at my witts end. Jazz had an instant warmth about her and i knew within 5 minutes that this was going to be SOOOO WORTH IT ! Jazz is so supportive and encouraging and informative ! It sounds unbelievable but since seeing jazz my daughter has slept through pretty much EVERY SINGLE NIGHT SINCE! Including when we went on a family holiday to Queensland ! I cannot thank jazz enough for what she did for my and my family."

baby sleep training Melbourne Testimonial - Liana

7 months old

Mum - Sam
The Let's Sleep Package

"Jazz and I have known each other for sometime now. I always knew she was amazing at what she does! But my goodness, you have changed our lives for the better. We approached one sleep consultant before Jazz, but there wasn’t a lot of support and they never gave us a proper solution. Tait was sleeping in our bed, waking up every 2hrs, needing the dummy or bottle to go back to sleep and he didn’t know how to self settle.
He was also waking up at 5am every morning ready to start the day.

Tait is now self settling like a champ! We have ditched the dummy, we no longer need to feed him to sleep and he hasn’t been in our bed since we have started with Jazz. We have gone from feeding him multiple times a night to only needing one feed overnight and have a baby that sleeps through till 7am. I was amazed with the support we had with Jazz. She was so quick to respond to any questions we had during the day and night.

We are sad that our two weeks are up with Jazz but coming out of our time together we are so proud of Tait and that he’s becoming more and more independent, it’s exactly how we wanted to raise our little man. Thank you Jazz for guiding us in the right direction and giving us the confidence to move forward with Tait’s sleeping routine. We are so grateful."

baby sleep training Melbourne Testimonial - Liana

5 months old

Mum - Sarah
3-hour In-home package

"When we first reached out to Jazz I was an anxious sleep deprived mess! Our baby girl Matilda was waking very 1-2 hours overnight. During the day it would take me half an hour of rocking in a dark room to get her to sleep, and when I finally did get her down, she would wake again 20 minutes later. I received so much conflicting advice from friends, was trying too many different things, we were overwhelmed and confused.

Jazz and the Let’s Sleep program became our ‘one source of truth’ no more confusing opinions and recommendations coming from left right and centre. Jazz helped us find the settling technique that worked for us and for our family.

During our in home visit Jazz was so calm and when she left we instantly felt confident, we could do it. The coaching for the next two weeks was invaluable. Having her there to message in the heat of the moment with questions was incredible and again built the confidence within us that we could do it, kept us on track and consistent.

Within 24 hours we saw positive changes, we were all sleeping again. We actually joked that Jazz had swapped our baby! Now 3 weeks later we are having long and consistent naps, and beautiful relaxing bedtimes - no more crying or spending what felt like forever rocking to sleep. Matilda now sleeps 6.30-7 overnight and wakes only once maybe twice a night for a feed. It is amazing! Matilda is such a happy baby who now wakes up smiling and squeels with happiness non stop.

I will forever recommend to anyone who is feeling anxious and overwhelmed when it comes to their babies sleep - call Jazz! An absolute game changer ♥️♥️"

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