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This is what sleep support is all about - families feeling better rested, empowered and confident to navigate their little one's sleep and routine.


Let's Sleep is your go-to for baby and toddler sleep support. 

Here are some client testimonials from families that have previously booked in sleep support with Jazz.

“I highly recommend Jazz! Our daughter was already an amazing sleeper but just needed to tweak her routine a little to stop some early morning rising.


After my phone consult with her we changed her naps around a little and now she has been sleeping in until 7am.


Jazz was amazing in our consult and gave me so many tips to help achieve our goal. Thank you Jazz!” 

Mum, Martinique

Gabriella 7 months old 

I highly recommend Jazz! She’s been incredible in helping us establish good sleeping habits & we have a happy 11 week old that’s a champion sleeper now thank you for all your help and support” 

Mum, Sandra

Louis 11 weeks old 

“I reached out having fed Luna to sleep for months and her solely relying on me to fall asleep. Due to return to work soon, the thought of someone else settling her to sleep was seriously anxiety provoking.

Thank you so very much for assisting and encouraging us to give Luna the space to learn to self settle. Not only was she able to do this easily in less than a day (star pupil) my Husband and others are now able to put her down to sleep! A delightful by-product of her being able to self settle, Luna is now consistently sleeping through the night.

Thank you for essentially being on call and holding my hand through this process every step of the way. You’ve been SO kind, respectful and understanding.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone wishing to help their little one with their sleep!” 

Mum, Chelsea

Luna 10 months old 

We came to Jazz in the early stages of what looked like the 8 month regression. Finn was waking up and staying awake sometimes for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night being inconsolable.


I was running on some of the lowest sleep I had since he was a newborn. He was also starting to reject his day time naps and take up to 2 hours to eventually fall asleep. I was beside myself. Then one of my good friends recommended Jazz to me as she had had such amazing results with her little one; I messaged Jazz and asked for some much needed help!


Having her assistance through WhatsApp and a sleep schedule tailor made for Finn completely changed our lives. Finn has gone from being awake every 3 hours over night to only waking once and sometimes even sleeping completely through from 7pm-7am if you told me three weeks ago this would be happening I wouldn’t of believed you.


Jazz was incredibly encouraging - never making me feel silly for any small questions I had at any time I had them. If your baby is struggling with sleep or you’re finding it tricky getting your baby to settle - I cannot recommend Jazz and her service enough.” 

Mum, Jessica

Finn 8 months old 

"We reached out to Jazz after reading the wonderful reviews about her program and service. Our twins boys were 16 weeks when Jazz visited us in our home.


There is an 11 year age gap between the twins and their big sister so we needed help not only navigating life with twins but to regain confidence as parents of babies.


We were looking for Jazz to help us with a routine that meant we had predictability in our day, we wanted to have good day sleeps and a night routine that meant we no longer had to use co sleeping.


With advice and support from Jazz, we immediately saw improvements (and each day things get better and better!). The twins go down easily for all of their sleeps, they wake once or not at all overnight and dummies and co sleeping are a thing of the past.


The support and feedback Jazz provides is timely, detailed and encouraging. Thank you Jazz, we have more time at night with our daughter now and are eating dinner together (at a reasonable hour)."

Mum, Briar

James & Nash, 4 months old

“I just wanted to say a massive THANK-YOU to Jazz for all of your guidance and support during these last few weeks.


We are so thrilled with Lenny's progress over this time and have learnt so much from you. From biological windows, to top up feeds, to age appropriate awake times- we feel we are well educated now and can problem solve when his sleeps don’t go to plan.


Thank you for being super accommodating and understanding to our family’s needs. Lenny is now putting himself to sleep and extending his daytime naps from 30 mins to 1 hr and half.


Having a daytime routine has really helped us navigate Lenny’s awake times and sleep times. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Jazz” 

Mum, Georgia

Lenny 4 months old 

“Jasmin was fantastic to work with. She has a wealth of knowledge and her holistic approach to Harriet's sleep was the key to our success.


I wouldn't hesitate recommending Jasmine to other families struggling with sleep.” 
Mum, Jess

Harriet 6 months old 

We thank Jazz for all of her support over the past two weeks. We reached out when our little 7 month old girl was co sleeping in our bed, waking regularly in the night to be fed, cat napping during the day and needing to be rocked or fed to sleep every night. Sometimes we were rocking for 2 hours.


We were creating bad sleep habits and we didn’t even realise. When we spoke with Jazz my husband and I were hoping for little changes and we were unsure whether our lil one would respond to the change.

Jazz assessed our lifestyle and parenting style and personalised a sleep plan. With her ongoing whatsapp support our girl is now in a wonderful routine.


She’s in her cot, settling and re settling at nighttime and only waking once sometimes sleeping through the night, which is something we never thought was possible.


We can’t thank Jazz enough for her patience and encouragement, she has given us the knowledge we needed and created positive sleep associations.


Thank you Jazz” 

Mum, Jade

Aurelia 10 months old 

We highly recommended the lovely Jazz! Our little bub was a great sleeper but had suddenly fallen off the track and we were at a loss!


Jazz was able to help us recognise some changes we could make and developed a detailed plan for us to follow!


Our great sleeper is back, and is so happy and thriving!


We couldn’t be happier! Thank you, Jazz” 

Mum, Emily

Hugh 4 months old 

“Jasmine was so delightful to work with. She looked at all aspects of my daughter's daily routine and provided guidance and help to really improve her sleep.


Jasmine provided really fantastic support and I would happily recommend her to anyone needing help!” 
Mum, Liz

Polly 2 years old 

Jazz is a sleep wizard.

My 6 month old daughter was cat napping during the day and only going 30 min stretches at night with 1.5-3 hour hands on resettles, which always ended up in co-sleeping to survive the night.

Now...... without a word of a lie, within 1-2 days of working with Jazz my daughter was taking all of her naps appropriate for her age and sleeping soundly at night with 1 sometimes 2 wake ups which were just for feeds.


Not only do we have a happier baby, we have a very much happier and more positive mumma too.


Anyone thinking about using this service and are hesitant, JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!!


Could not recommend jazz highly enough."

Mum, Jordyn

Lillian 6 months old

“ I don’t have enough good words to describe our experience of working with Jazz.

When we started our 2 week support, I was apprehensive about whether or not she could help us! Our 8 month old boy had been cat napping and refusing to settle in his cot and was waking extremely early in the morning. I was exhausted!!

Jazz was a fantastic communicator and really tailored her advice to suit our little one’s needs. I felt incredibly listened to throughout the experience and the frequent check-ins by Jazz on WhatsApp helped to motivate me and keep us on track.


Our boy is now waking at a more reasonable hour, has a fantastic routine, is self-setting in his cot and getting much longer naps in (a couple have even reached the 2 hr mark which I didn’t think was possible).


Jazz also helped adjust our night feeds and looked at our sons nutrition and meals routine throughout the day. Sleep training is hard work but Jazz is in your corner throughout the entire process!

Couldn’t recommend her highly enough."

Mum, Jasmine

Myles 8 months old

"Before we booked the Let’s Sleep Package, our 5 month old Harvey was only having 40 minute naps during the day and waking super early every morning.


He was constantly overtired and cranky. Harvey now has three solid naps during the day, including a 2.5 hour nap at lunch time, and has started sleeping through the night until 7am!


Jazz was always prompt at answering any questions or worries, encouraging through the times we were ready to give up, and has helped us get our happy little boy back! We can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Mum, Emily

Harvey 5 months old

"Jazz was amazing !


We contacted Jazz when our 5 month old twins would only cat nap throughout the day and would wake frequently overnight needing their dummies.


We booked in the two night stay package with 2 weeks of ongoing support and it was a game changer. We were utterly exhausted and within 2 weeks of sleep support with Jazz we have new babies !


Our twins are now in a consistent routine which includes one long 2 hour nap during the day and they both go down to sleep at night within 5 minutes of being put down with no dummies. It’s also made babysitting easier for the grandparents who noticed a huge difference with girls! They found it really easy to follow their routine when looking after the girls.

We highly recommend Jazz! It was well worth the money with the girls are getting better sleep and just overall happier babies!"

Mum, Hayley

Parker and Isla 5 months old

“We reached out to Jazz for some sleep support as very tired and unsure new parents, and we could not be happier with that decision.


Jazz was thorough, and developed a plan that not only promoted the best sleep routines for our little one, but that took into account other aspects of our family life to create a schedule that best suited us all.


The detail in her plan made it super easy to follow, and ensured we saw results almost immediately.


Thank you Jazz!"

Lola 4 months old

Jazz was patient and so helpful when it came to answering and explaining all my questions. She took the time to explain routines, tweaking awake times and took the time to ensure I understood everything.


I went from feeling so overwhelmed to feeling confident with implementing our routine! She is approachable and understanding and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I wish I had chatted to her sooner!


Thank you so much” 
Mum, Kate

Cali 5 months old 

Before we started our two week package, I was brainstorming how to break to Jazz that it just wasn’t working - Alex was going to be the one baby who would refuse to sleep no matter what we threw at him. After 8 months with our wonderful little boy, we were at breaking point.

We’d barely slept more than 2 or 3 hour stretches since he was born. We resigned ourselves to the fact that we just had a “difficult baby” and had to just hang in there until he eventually learned to settle by himself. Alex could only go to sleep if there was food or comfort on offer every few hours, no matter what we tried.

To our utter amazement, after a few days we had a little boy that independently settled for every nap and at bedtime. He now only wakes once at night for a quick feed, before going straight back to sleep. His day routine has improved out of sight. After months of being the “difficult baby”, our friends and family are speechless!

Jazz’s hands on, consistent and straight forward approach to child sleep was exactly what we needed. We couldn’t have done it without knowing that she was only a message away for any trouble shooting, advice, motivation (and occasional vent) needed.

When we first sought out Jazz’s help, we thought that the main outcome would be a better nights sleep for us, but we couldn’t have been more wrong. The change in Alex has been astounding - he’s so much happier, more settled and independent. We are so proud to be his parents! We can’t be any more positive about our experience with Jazz - it was a total game changer!"

Mum, Bec

Alex 8.5 months old

"Our five month old was waking for feeds twice a night and only have 2 20 minute naps a day! Two weeks with Jazz and he is sleeping through the night and taking 3 naps a day!

Honestly, we still cannot believe it!

Would highly recommend Jazz. She was responsive, supportive and an excellent cheerleader through the process!!

Thank you so much xxx"

Mum, Emily

Seb 5 months old

"We cannot thank you enough Jazz for your support on helping us get Roy sleeping consistently in his cot! He went from multiple night wakes and co sleeping half the night to sleeping in his cot every night with only 1 wake for a feed and sometimes sleeping through! You were there every day checking in, supporting us and giving us the advice we needed.

I definitely feel like I ‘Mum’ better now we’re getting more sleep, having him in a good routine and getting some me time!"

Mum, Erin

Roy 10 months old

"We have seen a huge transformation since having the help of Jazz for an in-home consult and 2 weeks of support.


We reached out to Jazz for help with our 4.5 month old daughter’s day naps (cat-napper 20-30 mins max). Through Jazz’s support, reassurance and guidance, our daughter is now having great day sleeps, can self-settle and no longer feeds or needs us to put her to sleep!


We also managed to ditch the dummy from day 1 and have never looked back. We are so grateful to see these changes, and have also seen improvements in her finishing bottles (no longer snack feeding), falling asleep in the pram/car, overnight stretches of sleep and an overall happier energised girl.


It feels so good to have a routine and schedule to follow, making each day being a mum and dad more enjoyable and less stressful. Thank you so much to the baby whisperer Jazz!"

Mum, Jasmine

Liana 4.5 months old