The 6 month sleep regression (and why it's actually an exciting milestone!)

The next sleep regression you might notice your child experiences is around 6 months of age. Your baby may have settled back into a slightly more predictable day and night routine after the 4 month sleep regression and just as you’re getting settled - this next regression can throw a small curve ball. As always, this is nothing to panic about and this regression in sleep around 6 months is showing you that you’re baby is developing some cool new skills and is getting MOBILE!

Why does it happen?

The 6 month sleep regression is mostly linked with some exciting developmental changes.

Babies around 6 months are typically becoming more mobile and active - therefore they churn through calories much faster and therefore…..get HUNGRY!

Think how starving you are after a run or gym workout. Babies are getting active and mobile in a big way around 6 months and tend to be quite active all day! It’s no surprise then that babies start solid food by 6 months of age and may also need an increase in milk intake from breast or bottle to help boost up their calorie intake.

How do I know the 6 month sleep regression has started?

  • With any new skill your baby learns there is the potential for some disruption to sleep patterns

  • You may notice that overnight baby wakes to practice their newly learned skills and you see them sitting in their cot, rolling around or trying to crawl

  • Your baby has periods of time in the night or during naps in the day time where baby is awake in their cot but may not be crying

  • Baby may practice their skill in the cot e.g rolling and become frustrated if they get a bit stuck and may cry and call out for you

Possible developmental changes at this age:

  • Rolling both ways

  • Crawling (or attempting to!)

  • Sitting either with support or independently

  • Pivoting around in tummy time (moving 180 or 360 degrees)

  • Scooting on bottom

**Development varies from baby to baby**

Tips for the 6 month sleep regression:

Here are some tips to help you move through this regression.

  • Encourage your baby to practice their new skills during the day (offer lots of floor time)

  • Remain consistent with the settling strategies your baby is used to

  • You may need to offer some additional feeds at night during this period of time - this is normal and completely OKAY!

  • If your baby is awake in the night but content, allow them some space to go back to sleep on their own before resettling

  • Get started with solids between 4 - 6 months of age when you feel your baby is ready

  • Offer some extra feeds during the day as required to boost calorie intake

As always - this sleep regression will pass once within a few days to a few weeks once your baby has become more used to their new skills!

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