1 & 2 Year Routine Guide

Are you wanting a predictable routine for your toddler so that you can actually plan your days? Look no further.

This guide contains super helpful info on when to offer your toddler meals, snacks, naps and when to drop a nap. You'll also find a breakdown of the whole day from waking up in the morning to bedtime at night so that you aren’t second-guessing!

The Let’s Sleep routine guides will empower you to confidently navigate your little ones sleep from 1 - 2 years and take out the inevitable *nap maths* that happens without a clear plan in place!

As your little one approaches 3 years of age (YAY!) - check out the 3 & 4 year routine guide. Each guide helps you keep sleep on track.

Commonly asked question:
Q. I don’t want to feel restricted by the routine - do I need to be home for every nap for this to work?
A. Absolutely not! I want you out and about enjoying the sunshine, going for walks with friends with a coffee in hand. I strongly encourage you to get out for the 1st nap of the day and do a pram, carrier or car nap and just aim to be home for the lunch nap most days :) Off routine days are the bees knees and I highly recommend those too!


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Please note: This guide does not include any follow up support or tailored advice. It does not replace medical advice.

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