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Empowering you to navigate your baby's sleep with confidence using a holistic approach which balances their developmental, nutritional and emotional needs. 

Giving you all the tools and quality coaching you need to get sleep sorted. 

This program is for little one's aged from 4 months and up to 2 years of age.


Parent's that are struggling with their baby's sleep will be experiencing at least one of these issues:

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If this has resonated with you, this program could be the thing that changes sleep in your household for good.


The outcome is simple:

To take you from tired and overwhelmed about your baby's sleep to calm, confident and well rested in 4 weeks.

Here is what's included in
Lets Flourish:

4 x weeks of quality sleep coaching with Jazz inside a private facebook group

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Access to bite size video trainings to guide you step by step to reaching your sleep goals

Weekly group coaching call where you will receive expert sleep guidance from Jazz & support from other families


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Access to expert coaching and support to transform your mindset around your baby's sleep


Simple downloadable resources to empower you to navigate your baby's sleep now and into the future

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A proven responsive approach to support your baby (and whole family) to sleep well


An incredibly supportive community of other parents that have similar goals to you



Start each day feeling confident, well rested and empowered to navigate your baby's sleep through anything.




" It has absolutely changed our lives. 
We’ve gone from feeding to sleep, 1-2 wake ups where we had to settle him and 2 feeds overnight to SLEEPING THROUGH!!"


My biggest take away has been to look at Andrew’s sleep holistically - days and nights - and I feel confident now in troubleshooting sleep issues and supporting Andrew so we all get great sleep " 

Mum Amy - 15 month old Andrew (LETS FLOURISH)



What if I can't make it to the weekly zoom call, can I still have my questions answered?

Of course! If you can't make it to the weekly zoom call, simply pop your questions into the group and i'll answer them on your behalf in the zoom call. The zoom calls are recorded and uploaded to the facebook group afterwards for you to watch at a time that is convenient for you. 

I want to use a gentle settling method with my baby, is this an option?

Absolutely! There are a range of settling method options to choose from and all involve being responsive to your baby and their individual needs. Jazz will be there to coach you through the process and help you choose which settling method is the best option for your little one.

How long will it take for my baby to self settle and to see positive changes?

Usually within 3-5 days if you're consistent with the settling method and contingency plans! More hands on settling methods take longer to support babies to self settle, usually 1
-2 weeks.  It's very normal in the 4 weeks to have some ups and downs as your little one adapts to the new routine and self settling. Being consistent is key and is what leads to long term positive changes! 

What kind of learning materials are included in Lets Flourish?

There are PDFs for you to download and keep for life as well as short and simple videos to watch on the key information to support you with your individual sleep goals. You can read and watch this material in your own time and get started with making changes when you are ready.

What happens if I need additional support once the 4 weeks is finished?

Once you finish your 4 weeks access to Lets Flourish - you can book in an additional week of access to Let's Flourish at anytime before your little one turns two. This is perfect for extra support during nap transitions, upcoming travel or sleep progressions to keep things on track with sleep. A link to book an additional week will be sent to you when your 4 weeks access ends :)