Taking Care of the Kids

The First Year eCoaching

by Let's Sleep

  • Self paced, instant access

  • Pre-recorded video modules 

  • 16 x downloadables

  • Learn from home

  • Email support included

Have you been told sleep is a thing of the past when you have kids?

This is the course for you.  

Instant access - enrol anytime.

Course inclusions:

  • Access to 3 hr + of video content from Jazz (varying from 5-30 minutes per module)

  • The Circle of Healthy Sleep’ - this is the concept Jazz has created to support families to achieve long lasting positive sleep habits. This will reshape the way you look at your little one’s sleep.

  • Downloadable eBooks included on all the essentials (including nap transitions, routines, nutrition, sleep environment, bed transitions, sleep basics, settling methods) - you’ll always have these to refer to as needed!

  • 90 days access to The First Year eCoaching course from the day you enrol.

  • Self paced  - complete the course material in your own time, from the comfort of home.


All the MUST KNOW information needed to transform sleep in your household including:

  • Sleep basics (the nitty gritty science-y stuff)

  • How to set up the sleep environment

  • How much sleep does your baby need?

  • What their day routine would look like

  • How to actually get the predictable day routine happening

  • What to do when the day isn’t going to plan

  • When to offer meals, snacks and milk during the day

  • Plan for making night sleep easy

  • An understand of what to expect when making changes to your

    little one's sleep

  • Covering common issues including catnapping, early waking, nap refusal, night waking + more

  • Troubleshoot any sleep issues that arise and know how to get sleep back on track 

  • How to be flexible and adaptable with routine


What type of follow up support is included?

  • 4 x emails with Jazz and her team to use within 90 days of your course start date for The First Year eCoaching course.

  • Ask questions you have that may require more tailored advice and 1:1 support (no question is silly!)

  • Emails will be responded to within 48 hours.

  • Additional support can be purchased via the website (phone consultation or 1:1 sleep support packages  - 20% discount available for any 2 week support package for families who have booked an eCoaching course)

Michaela says...

“Jazz and the Let’s Sleep program far exceeded my expectations, she was absolutely amazing in all aspects of getting our little ones sleep sorted! I can’t believe how much progress we made in such a short amount of time.

She was so quick to respond to any question or concern I had and I honestly felt like I was just messaging a friend! Jazz was super supportive especially when our little man came down with a cold and cut 2 teeth in the middle of our Let’s Sleep journey!

My confidence grew more each night, not only with his constant and often long night wakes but with Jazz’s support we were able to stop feeding over night as well. I was astonished that our little boy was sleeping through by just night 3 with zero feeds!

I could not recommend Jazz and her program highly enough and as an Early Childhood Educator I am already recommending her to parents in need!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Dawson - 12 months old, NSW



I have other children, can I make this work around other commitments?


100% you can. Jazz often creates tailored day routines for families with busy evolving schedules including drop offs, pick ups and activities. You could use 1 of your 4 x support emails with Jazz to discuss navigating routine around your unique family commitments. 


How long will it take for my baby to start self settling and resettling and sleeping better overall? 


It’s quite common to see really positive changes within 2-7 days. It can take up to 1-3 weeks to see consistent positive changes. This is dependent on your chosen settling method, you being consistent and your individual family circumstances.

I would prefer to use a gentle settling method, is this possible? 


Of course. All settling methods you will learn about encourage you to be responsive to your baby. This includes both in room method and in/out of room methods. 

Does following a routine mean we won’t be able to get out and about? 


In the initial 2 weeks of working on sleep and settling, I would encourage you to be home for the longest nap of the day (at lunchtime). The morning and late afternoon nap can always be assisted (in pram, car, carrier) even in those initial 2 weeks. 


Once baby is settled into their routine and self settling - you can absolutely get out and about around nap times. 


You can even have ‘flexible’ days where you do day trips and offer naps on the go all day! 

When can I start to support my baby to self settle? 


From 4 months of age you could start working on supporting your baby to self settle and resettle (alongside an age appropriate day routine). 


Is there any 1:1 support included in The First Year eCoaching course? 


Yes - you have 4 x support emails to use with Jazz within 90 days of your course enrolment date.


What if I want further 1:1 support? 


Jazz is here to support you if you need further tailored guidance alongside the course material. You can book a 60 minute phone consultation via the website or book in a 2 week WhatsApp/Phone support package with Jazz. A 20% discount is provided for all 2 week support packages if you have previously purchased an eCoaching course.