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Let's Parent

The place for real, honest and meaningful conversations about being a parent in the early years.

Hosted by the Founder of Let's Sleep  - Jazz, a Mum, Infant and Child Sleep Consultant with over 10 years experience working as a Registered Midwife, Nurse and MCHN.

Covering pregnancy and birth, sleep, nutrition, development, behaviour, self care and wellbeing and lots more.

Featuring guest interviews with health professional and parents sharing their unique stories  - this is the perfect podcast to pop into your ears on your next pram walk.

If you'd like to suggest a topic or someone you'd love me to interview  - drop me a line here.


Episode 4 - Let’s Talk Kegels, Poo and Sex with Charlotte Burton

I’m joined by Charlotte Burton, a physiotherapist with over 10 years experience and is passionate about pelvic floor, sexual health and empowering women & men to achieve their goals and feel more confident.


We dive into:

  • What pelvic floor rehabilitation is

  • The journey to returning to exercise

  • Why preventative health is so important

  • What causes Pelvic Organ Prolapse

  • Sexual intimacy after pregnancy

  • Tips for pelvic floor health

About Charlotte
Charlotte Burton is Physiotherapist with over 10 years experience and has a postgraduate certificate in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Charlotte has worked in the public and private health sectors and worked in London for 2 years in one of the largest womens and mens health physio teams in the UK. Currently, she is a Physiotherapist at Mornington Peninsula Family Physiotherapy in Victoria. Charlotte is passionate about pelvic floor, sexual health and empowering women & men to achieve their goals and feel more confident.

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Episode 3 - Why Sleep Is So Important

In this episode, I'll share why sleep is so important for you and your baby.


I dive into:

  • How sleep affects your body.

  • Why you may feel jet lagged after a rough night of sleep.

  • How a sleep consultant can help you.

  • How poor sleep can affect your hormones.

  • Tips to help with sleep in your household.


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Episode 2 - Getting Back To Food Basics with Thea Doyle

In this episode, I’m joined by Thea Doyle, Mum, Nutritionist and the Founder of Eat by Design.


We dive into:

  • Tips for approaching meal times

  • Keeping calm and not showing frustration during meal times

  • Planning and organising your meal prep

  • Creating food you can use twice

  • Staple meal ideas with small changes

About Thea

Thea is a Mum, Wife and Nutritionist currently living on the Sunshine Coast with her beautiful Son Darcy and Husband Sam. She is the Founder of Eat By Design, Resident Nutritionist for Her Trails and is the new Resident Nutritionist for Let's Sleep.

She believes she was put on this earth to inspire and educate people on how to make real food choices that positively impact their overall health and empower them to become the best version of themselves.


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Episode 1- Welcome To Let's Parent

Welcome to the first episode of Let’s Parent with Jazz Kostov from Let’s Sleep. 

In this episode, I’ll share who I am and how Let’s Parent came along.


I dive into:

  • How my business helps parents with sleep and settling

  • My “why” 

  • Becoming a parent during Melbourne’s lockdown

  • Forever learning to improve our parenting journey 

  • What to expect from Let’s Parent, The Podcast

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